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About Laboratory Animals

The journal is a quarterly publication comprising approximately 120 pages of text. Particular emphasis is given to research that reduces the number of animals used or which replaces animal models with in vitro alternatives, leading to improvements in the welfare or well-being of the animals used.

Sections in the journal include: Working Party Reports, Papers, Correspondence and Book Reviews.

Publication details

2010, Volume 44, 4 issues (quarterly)

Print ISSN 0023-6772

Online ISSN 1758-1117

Advertising specifications


  • Outside back cover
  • Inside front cover
  • Inside back cover
  • Internal pages in both the front and back sections of the journal
  • Colour

    Both colour and mono advertising are accepted


  • Full page advert – bleed: 290 mm x 220 mm (portrait)
  • Full page advert – trim: 270 mm x 200 mm (portrait)
  • Half page advert – trim: 130 mm x 200 mm (landscape)